in the midst of it all…

with three days until departure

I found a moment of stillness

with a bowl of Davidsonia Jerseyana

gathered from our garden and kind neighbours

“let’s make some jam mama”

I was in, I love to make things, I enjoy tasty treats


Davidson Plums are remarkably tart and beautifully blue purple

they polish up  like apples

they are sour little treasures which drop from high umbrella like trees

so, with a hundred million other  things to do

i thought a batch of sweetness from home to take with us

would be simple

surely i just slice plums and simmer them with some sugar…

it wasn’t simple

it wasn’t quick

it was messy and sticky and I was quickly left alone with the task

and then i remembered i needed sterile jars

and then luckily my mama called me up

and  reassured me my watery plum soup will thicken eventually if i just boil and boil…

oh hilarious, spontaneous and eventually rather soothing

as it brought me into the moment 


it had me standing still, alert to what was in front of me, in my body

tasting and stirring and breathing

away from the skitter skattery chaos of condensing our lives to fit

into a 7×2 metre home on wheels

my three tiny jars of treasure are delicious and jammy

and remind me to take a breath amidst it all.

what has brought you into the moment recently?

One thought on “in the midst of it all…

  1. Hi Rosie, I’ve just tasted my little jar of your magical davidson plum jam and it is lovely. Not like my effort, which was really astringent. Could you please tell me your method. Love to you all.

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