off off and away

we did it! we really did!

with a lot of help from our friends in Bellingen

we have shifted from house home

to our travelling home.


still intergrating, so will get back to that topic

for now

my first morning waking by the sea

in sweet  little Emerald Beach

aha! i immediately remembered why we include this travelling in our lives.

wandering over grassy hillocks scattered with kangaroos

the headlands tumbling down to rhythmic sea

shades of grey quilting the expanse of sky


hands held with children

hugs of celebration shared with all!

it is a huge task moving! oh lordy

we all know a version of the moving experience.

and now it’s good to be together

tiredness and tetchiness, fun and connection and finding how to adjust and what to do in this new space…

a certain toaster from the house which is with us for a few days

was used for toasting cardboard  by Cedar (1 year) for our first breakfast on the road


conversations with Lily (7 years)

on a sofa on the hill about

where did the ocean come from? how did it get filled? (maybe it rained for years and all the dips on the earth got filled)

where does the sea get its energy? how does it all stop from sinking away into the sand? etc etc

our exploration of this topic reminded me how learning happens when away from school




the children are so content to be next to a playground and the sea

sandballs and minute crabs for their amusement


we ended the day with antics on the sofa

so good to be silly and relaxed after weeks of intensity


and headed on to Byron Bay for a delicious seafood supper

(fourth meal provided for us this week! Thankyou)

and games of Uno

there where certainly moments of all flavours today

but the joy of a little family being together in nature is delightful!

and now I am reveling in the three different tunes my family make when sleeping



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