Ayla’s rainbow connection

In the Shalom market tucked amongst the produce, plants and bric a brac

I was delighted to find

a stall of gorgeous and whimsical knit, crotchet and sewn goodies!

Ayla’s grandparents run this stall and use the proceeds to fund her support

for details go to Ayla’s Rainbow Connection

I enjoyed talking Ravelry patterns, pure wool supplies

(I recommend Weave, Bilby Yarns and Bendigo Mill)

children, baby signing and life with these lovely folk

who where for me a beacon of creative inspiration and good intent

and supply of gorgeous wool soakers!



if you have any favorite wool or craft suppliers leave me a note in the comments and lets support these

 valued businesses and each other in our creativity!


open sprawls of dried grasses

endless shades of russet , gold and ochre with

vibrant greens the peeping understory

soaking up the new dew

echoed over with ghosts of great forests

how changing is the hand of man.

tall to hide the legs of beasts, they become

 horned cushions upon the carpet of whispering grasses.

aged grasses brittle and snappish

dried grasses flexy and weavish

spent grasses the nannies of the wet winters youth.

seed heads often lavender and chocolate

furry letters of hope to the earth

grasses native or traveller

which way did the wind blow you here?

surface dweller or deeply rooted

here for years or

pass with one season of romancing the winds.

grasses wild and uncut

grasses munched and shat

grasses a frivolous sunset frolic

grasses a hidey place

grasses a cushy place.

listen for the ode to grass on the breeze

chant freedom and original open prairies for grass!

let them dance their seed weighted fronds

in the winds of the whirled


this moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

Joining Soulemama, for more moments go to her lovely site and look in the comments section on a Friday…


Market Mornings


So many years and so many markets

and so much delight!

I am finding a rhythm of how to approach it with children

Jesse is usually busking so I am in the foray with my little friends

Aiming to meet abit of each one’s desires

Playground, food, fossicking, produce shopping, hello to dad, doll’s clothes, push toys, animals, watching buskers etc etc

Bustling, stimulating, stories to share, strangers to meet, everywhere an eye catcher, hungry, overwhelming!

Whether on grass or a carpark makes a difference,

shaded or not?

with food stalls or not?

with artisans or not?

With playground or not?


many important factors!

having been a stall holder previously I can see it from that side too…

I have so much enjoyment from visiting markets and the market community of friends

and revel in the way people interact in these spaces

it is something unto itself

I suppose over time an atmosphere is built up in the place

when it’s all packed down I can still perceive the fullness of what has been there

Be open to being inspired by what others are doing also

On Sunday at the Shalom markets I met Robyn Crosthwaite who sells beautiful wool crafts with her husband

to raise money for their granddaughter Ayla.

Their stall stood out as one of the only with handmade products.

We connected over patterns on Ravelry, pure wool supplies (I recommended Weave and Bilby Yarns) and just yarned about good old knitting, while her husband needle felted rainbow badges for the stall.

Have a look at their blog or shop!

Some things for me to remember to make marketing easier

Take a pram or a trolley to carry your goods or children so your hands are free for rummaging

Take a list of what you are looking for, it can be oh so distracting

and then allow yourself the spontaneity to get your finds of the day

Take snacks and water for all

Hats and maybe a brolly

Be prepared to go slow and make sure everyone gets time looking at what they want

Take time to look at old things and wonder what they where for and used by who

Ask stall holders about the stories of things

Be open to being surprised and learning something new and meeting a new friend

I am blessed to be able to retreat to the bus for a breather and a meal and then

refreshed we burst back in and feast on the beauty!

It’s often a fabulous full day which we discharge by going to the beach or into nature or best of all a swim in a cool creek…

Which market do you love and why?

What do you hunt for?

What tips would you share to make it an enjoyable experience?

The End of The Day

With happiness at the future sharings at markets, maybe I will see you there….

Walking the Land

Exploring this beautiful diverse country

has me wondering again how it looked and was cared for pre-settlement

I carry this question in my heart

as I tread lightly and with curiosity

in places which move me deeply

who looked upon this place, lived and sustained life here before?

where did they shelter, gather, feed, fire, swim, tumble with children, hunt, die?

when was this place last nurtured?

as I move across the land or find stillness in a place

I aspire to bring to my children the awareness of connection

respectful inhabitance, mindfullness and enjoyment

my gift to a sacred place can be coming in quietness, wonder and presence

to take the hours to sit and observe and feel the place and the stories in the air and water and plants

To hear the music of a place when the creatures accept you are there pracefully

And to send some love back into the earth and invite peace to a place

we are often rewarded with glimpses of animals

who hide from cameras and large groups

have you glimpsed a place after all the other humans have left,

how does it feel

without the distraction of other people?

As Cedar walked me around the park

I overheard snatches of a conversation

I share this with all due respect to someone who’s permission I could not seek

An Aboriginal Elder explaining how his ancestors used this area (Byron Bay coast)

“this area was the women’s area for raising kids and that.

Great seafood and rainforest food. You know the tea tree lakes to the south, well

thats where the women would go and sit and bathe in them. Tea tree is antiseptic

and perfect for women having babies and that.

The men would be up here in this northern area of the bay and they’d come here to bring the women

fresh meat and that.

I hope I have related that correctly. I don’t even know his name sorry.

William Ricketts Sanctuary Victoria

Its the reminder that all these places we inhabit have an ancient history that I want to focus on in my life on this journey

William Ricketts Sanctuary Victoria

Do you know the cultural story of your land or home area?

Being inspired by this song by dear friend Murray Kyle

this moment

I have followed the journey of Soulemama for four years now and I am inspired to share this Friday “moment” ritual with you

for more moments go to her lovely site and look in the comments section on a Friday…

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.


waking up to….

waking up to

the warm and cosy chaos of the bus

in the early sun

and the smells of cooking oats

still in the early stages of the trip

where things have not found there home yet


what are you waking up to?

And then….

Most of the day was spent in Eumundi

The markets have some delicious culinary delights

Like fresh goats cheese and saucisson

Fresh organic produce and real bread!


We sat on our patch of grass andwhere transported to a French field in summer 2008

Delightful diversity of stalls and my relaxation spot is the

Market Chef kitchen which has two teams of youth creating

A dish demonstrated by a guest chef. Lily and I sat for the hour talking food…

Last night I was dreaming of salsa fish tacos

And today’s recipe was salsa seafood tacos!

Yay for synchronicity

Its a great simple recipe you can get here.

(open the wall, and scroll down)

After markets while Cedar slept we went to  Lily Heaven

Also known as Berkelouw bookstore

Rosi heaven too…

Anne of Green Gables and A cat called Penguin have joined our travelling library

As Lily picks up chapter books to read in solitude or to us,

I am remembering my joyous childhood eating books!


The dinner preparing sharing this eve

Warmed me soully peacefully and I soaked up the relaxed time together.

I rarely make time for this slow chopping  chatting together in a house

Tonight it worked and I cherished the moment

See! I’m even now thinking about it late in the evening!

We are moving into an unpowered area for a few days so it will be quiet from me for the weekend

Enjoy and thanks for visiting

It’s really really exciting to be exploring this old writing thing once more…

Peace and good sleeps

Sunday rain

On Sunday the rain came down

while waiting for a break so we could splash in puddles

at the Byron Markets

Lily was watercolor painting on her new Tasmanian Oak desk (thanks Marty)

and was visited by some curious little birds


they tapped at their reflections on the mirrors

peered in at the children and brought us some cheeriness on such a gloomy wet morning!

I celebrated our wraparound windows where we can view the world around us despite the weather!