Turning Eight in the Daintree…

Now on this day we celebrate your day of birth
And we wish you a good and happy life on earth!!

and so, Lily celebrated another cycle around the sun!

my dearest nature girl

a little gypsy wagon arrived on our doorstep from far far away…

the joy of gifts from family far away…

fire baked cake… looked amazing… but

a little on the wet side…

Lots of enjoyment making and decorating

but little eating of it!

never mind…

my beloved daughter, sometimes you still look so small!!

and a moment later, not at all…

oh daddy carry me home…

disappointed the day is coming to a close…

but still some smiles to be had!

A day outdoors
A day together
A day to celebrate Lily!
A day to celebrate the girl who made me a mama

By chance we met another boy of 13 who had the same midwife present at his birth!!

10 thoughts on “Turning Eight in the Daintree…

  1. Oh Lily… I love you… this is Coco… I have looked at your pictures, and they are beautiful. That swing looks sooooooooooooooo fun. Love Coco xxxxx

  2. Happy Birthday for last Friday, Lily!!!
    We missed you in Kendenup.
    Your present will come soon,
    Love all of us and especially Cherry

  3. Happy bithday Lily and all the best from switzerland!
    Yesterday we celebrated Charlottes 60 th birthday with a party with friends an relatives in a hut in the woods. A big bonfire, yammy salads and grilled skewers, live music and a great atmosphere.
    It’s nice to see photos of you and your family 🙂

    • Thanks Fiona
      The celebration sounds great for Charlotte! Maybe we can come next year. I am enjoying your comments and knowing you are learning a little about our lives here.
      Wishing you warm summer days
      Love Roselinde

  4. Happy Birthday Lily!!! It looks like you had a wonderful day. You must be sooooooo excited about the Sylvanians coming as a big suprise, Coco told me you really really really wished hard for them!!! Lots of love to you xx

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