Watching children have fun, for fun


My playful spirit was so tickled to watch Lily initiate this game with all the playground (strangers) kids.
It’s rare to see them all cooperate spontaneously. All us parents where amused.
The organized eight! year old and her carriages.
It’s a gift of this traveling which allows us to be more free and brave to make friends and be a little more confident in the world.


A dear friend A is visited each week at her stall. Always dressed in the cutest outfits from mamas label LittleLom. Little love of mine. You can find the gorgeous recycled vintage fabric handwork of Mia and her sister on Facebook.
Today conveniently there where three chairs for three little tomato munchers.
A is a champ for snacking on whole fruit and veg and I happily see my kids do the same when they visit her.
It’s so simple. Veg and fruit are these tasty individually packed nutritious snacks of varying textures colors and flavours. Mmm
Why do we mess around with our good food so much, turning them into delicious but complex meals, when simple can be so satisfying?
Try having some little whole carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes on hand as easy reach snacks.

What are you feeding your kids at snack time?
Got any good recipes to share?

3 thoughts on “Watching children have fun, for fun

  1. Gorgeous photo! My lunch today a salad idea from eldest sis. Butter leaf lettuce, chopped fennel, chickpeas, olive oil, apple cider and honey vinegar and pepper. Loving the warm sunny day from my verandah. Xxx

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