A little weaving




During camping this week I found a little time for weaving. I had a beautiful frond of coconut palm and adapted a traditional wall pouch design to my own imagination. Namely making the pouches more square cornered and wide based. So happy with the result!
I love how quickly coconut weaves up and how beautiful the green with yellow stripe is.
I also made this little basket from dried lamandra. A fresh water reedy plant which a lot of us grow in our gardens also. It’s made in a more indigenous style of twining. Slow and fiddely work but very strong and pleasing in the end.



Last week I got brave and had a spot in mossman market weaving and selling (2) baskets! It’s a challenge for me to go public, I am pretty private about my craft usually but the interest was great. and boosted my confidence to face my fear.

I loved the focused time just to sit and weave. At one point I was so engrossed , when I looked up there was a crowd standing around me watching and I got a shock. I had wandered off into crafting peace!
What are you making?
What brave thing have you accomplished?


8 thoughts on “A little weaving

  1. Beautiful weaving. I am actually looking for a tutorial on how to do this… and found nothing. Won’t you post some photos of the all process. I would really really appreciate. I am desperately trying to find some tutorial for several weeks now and nothing!

    Thank you for sharing
    Nico from the Galapagos

    • Thanks for your comment Nico. I don’t have any photos of the process sorry. When I’m next weaving in qld ( possibly July) I will take your advice. Meantime I will email you some pictures from my instruction book. It’s called what are fronds for.
      All the best
      Or you could fly me to the Galapagos for a personal lesson…

  2. Hi, this is lovely. I spend part of the year on the Cook Islands and they do lots of this, including hats intertwined with flowers. Gorgeous.
    And thanks for following my blog. Gracie

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