Mitt knits

Evidence of my current knitting addiction is following me around the house!
One excellent selling point on knitting is that You can pick it up and put it down as you need to!
Great for mamas like me. And papas. Though not so common now amongst our menfolk, once upon a time knitting was more a men’s craft…
I am attempting to write my own pattern so I’ll let you know how it goes. It will have a beautiful windmill pattern in the body of the work and

hopefully the rest of it will work out… well imaginatively…

Since completing these mittens, {with only one dropped stitch and one other weird twisted stitch}

(The yarn is a merino,alpaca, silk blend and so soft and smooth to work with. I knit on four double pointed size 3.25 needles and with my personal gauge they miraculously fit fine! Phew. I am enjoying getting more adventurous with knitting, shame the winter months are over…
Being confined with illness for a few days has allowed a lot of knitting time.
The only recognizable boon…)
Yes where was I
Since completing these mittens for Lily
I’ve been feeling braver than ever and am also getting set to upsize a cardigan for Lily. Um that ones looking hard but we both like the pattern and I like how Elizabeth Zimmerman talks in percentages and with humour in her patterns.
Wish me luck

Are you a knitter?

Are you an inventive knitter?

have you ever made your own pattern?
What project are you on at the mo?
Hope you are well and warm

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