It was and now it’s not.

That big knitting project I was just hailing… Well let’s say BIG knitting project. Having never made a cardigan before with no idea how much the weight of the wool drapes and stretches ( it stretched around lily twice!) or getting my gauge, measurements and maths to add up

So unraveling began amidst weaping and a wailing…
And attempt five begins…
I will get it.
I am persistent… ( stubborn)
I’m surprised in the end at how quickly it all comes undone, and at how much I really don’t mind! Because I loved doing all that knitting and now I have the pleasure of more knitting! And I like the way all those little stitches bump away as you pull the yarn out…

4 thoughts on “Unravelling

  1. Oh no! Fingers crossed it works to scale this time.

    Love your patience beautiful friend.

    Loving peeking in at your life. You write beautifully


  2. Gathered berries in my palm frond basket. It’s now a lovely golden colour with pinky purple dots. Maybe I’ll go back and restart my last scarf mistake. I’ve been dreading nags in the wool.

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