Watching children have fun, for fun


My playful spirit was so tickled to watch Lily initiate this game with all the playground (strangers) kids.
It’s rare to see them all cooperate spontaneously. All us parents where amused.
The organized eight! year old and her carriages.
It’s a gift of this traveling which allows us to be more free and brave to make friends and be a little more confident in the world.


A dear friend A is visited each week at her stall. Always dressed in the cutest outfits from mamas label LittleLom. Little love of mine. You can find the gorgeous recycled vintage fabric handwork of Mia and her sister on Facebook.
Today conveniently there where three chairs for three little tomato munchers.
A is a champ for snacking on whole fruit and veg and I happily see my kids do the same when they visit her.
It’s so simple. Veg and fruit are these tasty individually packed nutritious snacks of varying textures colors and flavours. Mmm
Why do we mess around with our good food so much, turning them into delicious but complex meals, when simple can be so satisfying?
Try having some little whole carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes on hand as easy reach snacks.

What are you feeding your kids at snack time?
Got any good recipes to share?

Turning Eight in the Daintree…

Now on this day we celebrate your day of birth
And we wish you a good and happy life on earth!!

and so, Lily celebrated another cycle around the sun!

my dearest nature girl

a little gypsy wagon arrived on our doorstep from far far away…

the joy of gifts from family far away…

fire baked cake… looked amazing… but

a little on the wet side…

Lots of enjoyment making and decorating

but little eating of it!

never mind…

my beloved daughter, sometimes you still look so small!!

and a moment later, not at all…

oh daddy carry me home…

disappointed the day is coming to a close…

but still some smiles to be had!

A day outdoors
A day together
A day to celebrate Lily!
A day to celebrate the girl who made me a mama

By chance we met another boy of 13 who had the same midwife present at his birth!!

How often I post

Noticing an arrhythmic rhythm happening
Where I will write and upload photos on the weekend as during the week we are out of range of technology
I am actually getting a little backlog (especially of the crafty things we do)
that is an amusing concept to me…
Well it’s all squeezed into the gaps in the day of a mama…
How do those other mummy’s manage it all?
So as not to keep you hanging and all…
You can look forward to a weekend post and if lucky some in the week…
I hope you are enjoying the glimpses
you voyeuristic folks!
I hope you are enjoying the journey of your own days
Tell me
What are you enjoying about my boggle?
What do you think of our lifestyle?
Would you join us on the road?
In what sort of travel style do you like to move?
With good humor


Clohesy River

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Earth Food Julatten


oh dear leaving Imagereception


but the joy of heading into the daintree for the week!!

Will make up for it…

yayfor a quiet week with no driving.

Well once we get there

Imagewill be finishing this post of our friends beautiful abundant Imageproperty

Earth Food Julatten

as soon as i can…

In the meantime

Our bus needssome sorting out and love

I have Lilly’s birthday to prepare for

I have been practicing camp oven cakes with fruit on the bottom

So delicious!

New books to read

Toys to make

Beach walks to enjoy

At least three meals a day

Stretching and resting

That sounds like a full week!

I hope the rain goes away…

It is called the rain forest for a reason isn’t it!

Waking up to…


I tiptoe out into breezy seaside dawn
Away from sleeping babes who keep me up in the night
Tide has encompassed the mudflats this morn to wash the sea wall
Small barricade
Between homes and watery sheeting slickery waves
I like this tidal renewal each day
It reflects my inner tide.
Sticky eyes glad for dim cloudy light
And look there the big glowing moon setting!
Ah a moment for me
A moment to amble and awake
At my own pace
I am tentative to walk the sand
As this is crocodile land
Feeling the fear.
This has been my work these last days
The fear the scared the worried the anxious
Am I really this person?
Was I always so or has it
crept up on me?
Wow its uncomfortable to be with
Shall I cling onto the awareness too?
Or let myself move
Shall I walk in the scary place
like this fella with a net
Hoping to catch some of life’s bounty this morning
And not think only of the big teeth which could tear at any moment?
Keep walking keep moving keep feeling
Notice my numbness
Remember the choice of my focus
Watch the thoughts arise in me
Fear disguised as other things!
Sneaky how it does that!
How to integrate my inner work
and be Present with my family in each daily way
Looking for moments of solitude like this mornings wander
Making porridge and reading stories and feeling the tears within
May I be filled with grace and patience
And strength within my vulnerability.
Blessings on the day

Naidoc festival cairns

Chanced upon crowds on the esplanade
A wonderful feeling to be a pale minority in the crowd of indigenous folk
What a rare occurrence!
Watching families generations language culture playing
My neighbors but leagues apart
Crying over the singing of
Solid rock they were standing on sacred ground…
So moved by the moment

I was pretty raw already and that just bust my heart open

Young men dancing

Some awkward teen self conscious

Some traditional strong beautiful
one with grace and long fingered fluid beauty



And to juxtapose that moment and keep flowing with the day!!

lily had her wish come true and rolled about inside a giant marble !


And then I loved these woven metal fish in the expanse of sky

I weave these fish out of coconut front and this giant version is gorgeous

This moment was my Friday moment

I felt soothed and bathed in softest of clouds

And came back in to myself a little bit…